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Getting your PMP® is a great idea if you want better project opportunities and higher pay. But creating a successful PMP application can be a big hassle. Maybe you are worried that your PMP application will be rejected or will take too much time to figure out?

That's a valid worry! It doesn't matter if you have a lot of senior project manager experience or if you are just starting out. Unless you know how to word your projects using PMI's PMBOK-speak, your PMP application might be one of the many that get rejected, fail in the audit stage, or require numerous resubmissions. But if you get FastPM™ from FPMcertify.com, you get our expert help for quickly creating an impressive PMP application. And we give you a money-back guarantee your application will be approved if you follow our advice. And we're PMPs too, so of course, we follow all the rules and are bound by PMI's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.


Stop worrying about whether your project experience is good enough! Use my free PMP-check™ to find out if you meet the PMP certification requirements. Or pay $5 and I (Dr. Tim McLaren, MBA, PhD, PMP) will review your resume and/or project documents and provide my expert opinion on whether you are likely to be approved for your PMP. You can see the 5-star reviews I've received on Fiverr.com and pay $5 there or on our site here.

As a former tenured professor of project management, I have done the research and gained the experience to know what the reviewers will be looking for. I have helped all kinds of people get their PMP applications quickly approved using honest and impressive wording.

We provide a money-back guarantee if your PMP application is rejected after following our advice. Currently, our PMP application success rate is 100% and we work hard to keep it that way.

Take my free 5-minute questionnaire to find out if you meet the PMP certification requirements.

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