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How to get your PMP™ or PMI-ACP™ application quickly approved:

1. Use our free PMP Check to find out if your experience will meet the PMI reviewers’ requirements and expectations (only for PMP).

2. Create a PMP or PMI-ACP application on using our self-service FastPMP Wizard™ or our full-service FastPMP Concierge™.

3. Finish your 35 hours of project management training.

4. Submit your application to PMI. If you used our FastPMP™ or FastACP™ and followed our advice, we guarantee it will be approved.

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FastPMP™ was created by Dr. Tim McLaren, PhD, PMP, the Internet’s leading expert on rejected PMP applications and now PMI-ACP applications too.




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How to create 200-500 word project descriptions for PMP Application

How to create 200-500 word project descriptions for PMP Application

The change to the PMP application made in June 2020 means you are asked to write a project description of at least 200-500 words for each project on your PMP application. Most advice you will find is outdated and based on the previous 550 character project description limit.

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What are the new PMP Application Changes from June 2020?

What are the new PMP Application Changes from June 2020?

The PMP® application has changed including a new recommendation to include 200 to 500 words for each project description. Here is what is different in the revised PMP application released mid-June 2020. We’ve updated and tested our FastPMP PMP Application tools to ensure you can get your application approved with minimal hassles.

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Samples of PMP Application Rejection and Failed Audit Emails

Samples of PMP Application Rejection and Failed Audit Emails

It’s actually harder to get your PMP application approved than you might think. You can’t just blindly fill in some template that might have worked for your PMP Course Instructor. PMI reviewers are trained to reject PMP applications when they or their systems spot certain things like plagiarism, copy-and-pasting, project descriptions that they decide sound like “operations”, etc. etc. 

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Free FastPMP Wizard™ Preview: Non-overlapping Project Months Calculator

Try a free working demo of a part of FastPMP Wizard™. The free PMP Application Non-overlapping Months Calculator will determine the months you can claim for two projects on your PMP application. This is just a tiny part of what FastPMP Wizard™ can do for you.

PMP Application Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions about the PMP Application and the output generated by the FastPMP PMP Application Help Wizard. Unlike advice from PMP Exam Prep Instructors or the Internet, these answers are based on many years of experience fixing rejected PMP applications. We know what works and what doesn’t.