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Don’t waste time figuring out how to get your application accepted.

FastPM™ was created by
Tim McLaren, PhD, PMP, the Internet’s leading expert on PMP applications.

When you sign up, Dr. McLaren will:
1) personally help you through the PMP application process,
2) help translate your experience into PMBOK-speak, and
3) review your project descriptions to help you avoid a rejected PMP application.


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PMP application rejected? How we helped Phil

PMP application rejected? How we helped Phil

Here’s the true story of how I helped Phil go from having his PMP application rejected to being fully PMP-certified in 3 weeks. Before he found, Phil spent a lot of time on his PMP application. Despite this, he got an email response from PMI that said: “Dear ****, Thank you for your interest … we have identified the following concerns: 1) Project Descriptions – The descriptions you provided are unclear regarding…”

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PMP Application Help: What We Do and Why You Need It

PMP Application Help: What We Do and Why You Need It

FastPM Wizard™ is an intelligent online tool I created to fix or avoid rejected PMP applications. It guides you safely past all the hidden traps of the PMP application and generates your project description, hours breakdown, and other parts that look unimportant, but can cause major problems. Don’t just paste stuff into your application because your PMP instructor told you that works. They don’t have experience with rejected applications. We do…

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3-minute PMP Requirements Check: Can I Apply Now?

Want to know whether you can apply for the PMP certification? Take 3 minutes to try our quiz and find out if you currently meet the requirements. You will get an automated email with our expert advice on passing your PMP application review and audit.

Free FastPM Wizard Preview: PMP Hours Calculator

Try a free working demo of a part of FastPM Wizard™. The free PMP Application Project Months and Hours Calculator will determine the months and hours you can claim for a project on your PMP application. This is just a small part of what FastPM Wizard™ can do for you.

PMP Application FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Check out my PMP Application FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Unlike other PMP advice you may get, these answers are based on Tim’s years of experience fixing rejected PMP applications. We know what works and what doesn’t.