Features and Benefits of the FastPM™ Products

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If you sign up for FastPM™ PMP Application Concierge and send us your resume and/or project information, we will take care of your PMP application hassles for you. With FastPM PMP Application Concierge™, you save time, money, and application hassles by not worrying about learning all the requirements and PMI lingo necessary to get your PMP application approved.

Or choose the cheaper self-service option with FastPM Wizard™. You don’t need to send us anything because all the tools and advice you need are built into our intelligent PMP application wizard. You also get access to our FAQs and prompt email responses to your other questions or worries.

Using your choices, the FastPM Wizard™ will:

  • guide you safely past all the hidden traps of the PMP application;
  • complete the risky parts of the application for you; and
  • generate your project description, hours breakdown, and the other parts of the application that look unimportant, but can actually cause major problems.

Using FastPM Wizard™ is much smarter and faster than using a spreadsheet template or trusting the advice of course instructors or other PMPs. Their advice doesn’t always work. But we’ve helped many previously rejected applications get approved and we’re confident we know what works and what doesn’t. See How It Works for more details.



Important Note: we are currently super busy and have a waiting list for processing new FastPM Concierge applications. If you signup now, we will hold your spot in the queue, but email replies may be delayed at least one week and your application would not be finished until about August 30th based on our current workload.

FastPM Wizard customers can access our self-service tools to create their applications, but note that any customer support email replies may be delayed by up to one week for the next few weeks!


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FastPM™ PMP Application Concierge
  Upload your resume and/or projects to our secure server and we'll take care of your PMP application2.
  Priority response to your questions by email or chat.
  Everything you need to get your PMP application approved quickly and easily with simple instructions and advice.
  Money-back Guarantee1
  Best for saving you time.
FastPM™ PMP Application Wizard
  Use our intelligent wizard and FAQs to generate the parts of your PMP application that can get you rejected.
  Next business-day (or faster) answers to your questions by email or chat.
  Everything you need to get your PMP application approved quickly and easily with simple instructions and advice.
  Money-back Guarantee1
  Best for avoiding application hassles.

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1We provide a money-back guarantee if your PMP application is rejected after following our advice. Our success rate is 100% and we work hard to keep it that way.
2With FastPM Concierge™, we will prepare your application for you and give you simple instructions on how to submit your application to PMI. You are responsible for ensuring your application is accurate and paying the application/examination fee to PMI.