How do I create 200-500 word project descriptions for PMP Applications?

How do I create 200-500 word project descriptions for PMP Applications?

In this post, I explain why you should use my online FastPMP Wizard tool to generate your 200-500 word project descriptions for your PMP application. You could also just sign up for my FastPMP Concierge service and I’ll work with you and take care of your application for you. Or you can skip to the bottom of this post, and I’ll explain how you can do it on your own.

What are the new 200- to 500-word project descriptions in the PMP application?

PMI® revised the PMP® application in mid-June 2020. The biggest change to the PMP application is the suggestion that each project description is now typically 200-500 words long. 

Most advice you will find for writing PMP application descriptions is based on the previous 550 character project description limit.

But now PMI is suggesting you write project descriptions that are at least 2x to 5x longer than on previous PMP applications.

Why should I pay to use FastPMP Wizard to generate my PMP application?

We’ve updated our FastPMP Wizard so that you can use it to quickly generate everything needed for your PMP application, including the new 200-500 word project descriptions. Each description is checked for plagiarism and for wording that may cause your application to be rejected. For example, PMI reviewers will reject an application if they decide some of the activities described sound like “operations” rather than a “project”.

To make sure your PMP application is in your own words, FastPMP Wizard asks you questions about your project and uses a combination of your own words and pre-tested phrases that we’ve used in the hundreds of successful PMP applications we have worked with. Your project descriptions are also manually reviewed to make sure that you will avoid any hassles during the PMP application review or audit process. And we have a 100% money-back guarantee. Of course, you are still responsible for ensuring that your application is honest and accurate. We are PMPs too and our bound by PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

FastPMP Wizard also contains my expert advice on how to craft a successful Project Title and guides you through all the other fields on the PMP application. It’s like having an expert standing over your shoulder asking you about your projects and helping you fill in the PMP application. For each project, you will receive an email with instructions on how to copy and paste everything into the online PMP application at

Why should I use FastPMP Concierge to have you help create my PMP application?

You could also just sign up for my FastPMP Concierge service, and I’ll work with you and take care of your application for you. Most of my FastPMP Concierge customers are either busy senior PMs who don’t have the time to figure this out, applicants who were rejected, or PMs who are unsure of how to document non-traditional project experience.

How can I write my 200-500 word project descriptions without any help?

If you have a lot of time and don’t want to spend any more money on the expensive PMP certification process, of course, you can create your 200 to 500-word project descriptions for each of your projects on your PMP application on your own. You can get advice or templates from the Internet, PMP Instructors, other PMPs, or just wing it. Keep in mind that most of the outdated advice you will find is based on previous project descriptions that had a maximum 550-character limit. Or it’s from someone who got lucky and had their application approved without any problems.

Just remember that if your application is rejected or flagged for audit, it will face an increased level of scrutiny from the PMP reviewers and auditors when you reapply. You can learn more about the PMP application audit process here.

There are tons of subtle things that we’ve discovered that can cause PMP applications to be rejected by the reviewers and auditors. It’s not possible for me to explain all the little things that can cause problems with a PMP application that you have created on your own because each situation is unique. But if you create your PMP application using my self-service FastPMP Wizard or full-service FastPMP Concierge, I guarantee you will be successful or I will refund your money. 


-Tim McLaren, PhD, PMP