How to pass (or avoid) a PMP application audit updated 2022

How to pass (or avoid) a PMP application audit updated 2022

PMP applications are “randomly” selected for audit, but our experience suggests they randomly audit about 10% of good applications and 95% of weak or suspicious applications. To help avoid a PMP application audit, make sure you have an honest and well-written application that does not contain anything that raises a “red flag” with PMI. The FastPMP™ tools we have created can help you avoid any problems getting your application approved. 

There are lots of very subtle things in a PMP application that can cause the PMI reviewer to arbitrarily decide the application doesn’t meet their requirements. PMI obviously won’t tell you what these things are, but the most common concern I see is wording that makes the PMI reviewer arbitrarily decide the project should be classified as non-qualifying “operations” rather than a qualifying professional project.

But there are lots of other things that can raise red flags such as wording or job titles that make the PMI reviewer doubt that you were the one actually directing and leading the project activities in the application.


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