Getting Your PMP Application Approved with Construction Projects

Getting Your PMP Application Approved with Construction Projects

PMP applicants with experience on large construction projects often have problems getting their project experience approved for the PMP certification. This is because the application reviewers at PMI are looking for applicants to have served in the role of a project manager, whereas most people with project management experience in large construction projects play a specialized role in one area rather than leading the entire project.

It is not uncommon for construction project managers to work alongside other professionals such as architects, engineers, and general contractors, who are responsible for different aspects of the project. The construction project manager may be responsible for overseeing the project timeline, managing resources, and ensuring that the project is completed within budget, but they may not have full control over the entire project.

The PMI reviewers who evaluate PMP certification applications don’t always understand the different roles that project managers can have in various industries, including construction. This is because the reviewers are often administrators who are not necessarily familiar with the nuances of various specific industries including construction.

Fortunately, after having worked on several hundred successful PMP applications I am very skilled at translating any qualifying project experience into the wording that PMI is looking for while ensuring that the application is 100% honest and accurate. I am a PMP too, so I’m bound by the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Many of my customers are from constructions backgrounds and many of them can be found on my LinkedIn profile. I’m always happy to answer any questions, or you can check out more about how I can help get your PMP application quickly approved at


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