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We try to follow up with each of our customers to make sure they get their PMP application approved quickly and are completely happy with their FastPM™ experience. You can read some of their quotes below.

Quotes from Happy Customers:

I felt like you were very focused on me, and that I was important. The prompt responses were great! Also, I was very impressed by the wording. You were very professional which is something very important to me. Thank you so much! I would also add that my application was accepted in 5 days without [further] audit!

-Phillip, USA

What I like: Fast response to any inquiries; Professional results and great looking application. Provided you do not lie and have the experience, guaranteed eligibility.

-Paulo, Peru

I am now approved to do my PMP exam so add me to the happy customer list. I am grateful for you sorting through my pile of documents to find how I should write my application. Everybody tells me how important the experience writing is but as you know from all the papers I sent you I am better at doing than writing. When I heard my application was being audited I was not even worried because it was 100% honest application, even though I did not think I could write that way. Thanks for handling all that quickly and very professional.

-Steven, Canada

First off, thanks for your support and help with my PMP application. I’m now a PMP and starting my own project management business. I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to say that so soon in my career. It’s true I’ve had some great experiences on various projects, but they’ve mostly been short-term and I wasn’t sure how impressive they would sound on my application. So thanks again, I’m happy to refer other people I know to you.

-Daria, Canada


Quotes from Unhappy Customers

Sorry – still no unhappy customers yet. Please check back later?!? — LOL