Can you review my PMP application before I submit it?

Can you review my PMP application before I submit it?

Can you give me feedback on my PMP application?

So you’ve used some fancy-looking PMP application template from your exam prep instructor but you are now skeptical that your PMP application will pass the PMP application review or audit. Who can you get to review your PMP application before you submit it?

Getting someone to review your PMP application before they submit is a big waste of time because you will just be fooling yourself into thinking that they can spot all the little things that lead to application review or audit problems. Like a resumé, almost every application I see has some subtle (or big) problems that can cause the application to be flagged, audited, or rejected either in the review system or by the reviewers and auditors.

Explaining all the issues that I see with PMP applications is very difficult because the PMP application review is so subjective. Most people can’t appreciate (or believe) all the subtle things that we have found that can cause a PMP application to be rejected.

Instead of trying to uncover and fix all the subtle issues with an existing PMP application, it is much quicker and easier to input some details about your project experiences into my online FastPMP Wizard™ and have it regenerate a successful application using the PMP application expertise I’ve built over working with hundreds of PMP applications (many of them which had previously been rejected). Or you can use my FastPMP Concierge™ service and I’ll handle everything for you.

If you already have a completed PMP application and you aren’t 100% sure it is what PMI is looking for, you’ve already invested quite a bit of time and money into creating it. But going through many rounds of application rejections or failed audits will be even more expensive in terms of time and money, so I would strongly encourage you to try our before wasting any more time and money on it. 

I also wouldn’t bother trying to get feedback on it, because most people don’t really know what causes PMP applications to be rejected unless they have experience fixing all the rejected PMP applications that we have. And we won’t give you feedback on it either because we don’t want to waste your time trying to explain application problems that are very subtle and difficult to explain.

However, if you used FastPMP Wizard™ or FastPMP Concierge™, we also manually review each PMP application we generate so you can be 100% sure your application will be approved (or your money back).

Don’t waste any more time on a flawed PMP application! Get help at