Update: We currently aren’t offering any new discount codes in order to provide fast service to our full-price customers.

But we will still honor the following offers:

Offer #1. Was your PMP application rejected or returned by PMI? I can help. 100% of the applications that I have worked on have been approved by PMI. If you want my opinion on whether your application is fixable, sign up for a resume review here or on Fiverr.com.

Offer #2. Do you still worry “is my project experience really good enough to get my PMP application accepted? I have helped all kinds of people get their PMP application approved from newbies to very experienced PMs who struggle to understand what PMI is looking for. Either take my free questionnaire or pay me a Fiverr (US$5) to have Tim review your resume and let you know whether you are likely to get your PMP application approved. Bonus: if I find things that could be improved in your resume, I will also include some advice for improving your resume for PMP jobs.

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