Free FastPM Wizard Preview: PMP Hours Calculator

Here’s a free working demo of part of the FastPM Wizard™. This part will calculate the months and hours you can claim for a project. You can use it now…

The PMP Hours Calculator is just a small part of the FastPM Wizard™ and you can try it right now for free to estimate the number of months and hours you can claim on your PMP application for one of your projects. Using our tools is much smarter than using a PMP application spreadsheet, template, or sample you found on the Internet because unlike the people who created those, we have a ton of experience fixing rejected PMP applications.

The full FastPM Wizard™ will help you with much more including all the other fields in the PMP application that can cause problems with getting your PMP application approved.

Complete the following fields and we will calculate the number of months and estimate the number of hours you can claim on your PMP application. We will email you the results along with some other free PMP application tips.

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Once your application includes all your, it will need to show a total of 36 months of project experience (or 60 months if you only have a high-school diploma). You will also need to show 4500 hours of leading and directing project activities (or 7500 hours if you only have a high-school diploma).

The part that calculates your project's months and hours starts here->

(the next fields will appear after you fill in the required fields)