Getting your PMP certification before PMP exam changes June 30, 2020

Getting your PMP certification before PMP exam changes June 30, 2020

The new exam content outline is VERY different from the current exam content outline. Much of the new content is not covered in PMBOK, so it is not yet clear how you are expected to study for the new exam.

I strongly recommend everyone to try to write the current exam before it gets changed. 

Here’s what you need to get your PMP certification quickly:

  1. Submit your PMP application on and have your PM experience and education approved. As I explain in this video, be very careful and avoid writing things that will cause the PMI application reviewer to reject your application. You can use FastPM Wizard™ to generate the tricky parts of the PMP application, based on what you tell it about your projects.
  2. If your PMP application is approved, before you pay PMI the exam fee, you should sign up for a 1-year membership to PMI. It will give you access to a legal watermarked PDF of PMBOK and some other benefits. But the main reason for becoming a PMI member is the PMP exam fee for members is reduced by more than the cost of membership. You won’t need to renew your membership if you don’t want to.
  3. Once your PMP application is approved, sign up for an exam slot and start studying. The PMP exam content update is currently based primarily on the current 6th edition of the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK 6th edition). The exam content outline for everyone taking it after June 30, 2020 appears to be very different. 
  4. Optional: According to many posts on Internet forums, the best preparation course for the exam seems to be Joseph Phillip’s online PMP prep course on (which is often discounted to about $15 and also gives you the required 35 hours of instructor-led PM education).
  5. Optional: The most frequently recommended exam prep books seems to be authored by Rita Mulcahy or Andy Crowe. The books are available on Amazon and other sources.

That’s it. Just get your copy of PMBOK, get your PMP application approved, sign up for an exam slot, and study for the exam. The prep course and books mentioned above are optional, but you’ll find many posts on the Internet that say they were very helpful.

You can read more about the PMP application process or read our FAQ on what to put in your PMP application.